Laaaaadieees and gentlemen, children of all ages

Announcing...  For the entertainment
of all those thronging around you......

Walking Puppets!
$20.00 each  (plus S&H)

I can guarantee you that when you use these walking puppets
the kids will come running from everywhere just to see, talk to
and pet your puppet.  They do it so much they almost seem to
ignore you- for the puppet!  I've used this kind of puppet for years
and they are absolutely wonderful with children - especially
pre-school age children that see you as a stranger and may
have a hard time warming up to you.
  But they just LOVE the puppet!

They are all of excellent quality with detachable strings if they get tangled.
They are 36 inches tall so they are a comfortable height to walk right
along side you when you are doing walkaround.
 You hold the wooden
crossbars in one hand and gently rock them back and forth as you
walk naturally and the puppet will look like it's walking with you. 
They are so much fun!!!

Choose from;

Bull,  Horse,  Cow,  Pink Dragon,  Pug Dog



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